Bob Sherwood

Bob Sherwood
(Vermont, USA)

Bob Sherwood is a contract writer-editor and professional German-to-English translator who has been playing and reading about chess since the late 1950s. Something like low-IM strength, he has been writing or translating chess books for the past six years for Caissa Editions, a leading publisher on chess history. Bob is perhaps best known for his translation of KARLSBAD 1907 INTERNATIONAL CHESS TOURNAMENT, by Marco and Schlechter. He is the author of AVRO 1938 INTERNATIONAL CHESS TOURNAMENT and books on the Chicago 1926/Lake Hopatcong 1926 and Pasadena 1932 tournaments (all edited by Dale Brandreth). Titles in the Caissa pipeline include CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS 1904 INTERNATIONAL CHESS TOURNAMENT and MOSCOW 1925 INTERNATIONAL CHESS TOURNAMENT, both slated to appear in 2012. Further titles are planned, both for Caissa and for e+Books.

Bob lives in Vermont, USA, with his long-time girlfriend, inevitable cat and dog, several snow shovels, and what said girlfriend thinks is too many chess books.


Paul Morphy - A Collection of his Games (Maroczy)

Chess Praxis (Nimzowitsch)

My System (Nimzowitsch)
Translated by Robert Sherwood