Common Sense in Chess (Lasker)

Common Sense in Chess

by Emanuel Lasker
ISBN: 978-1-927179-19-2

US $5.99

One of the all-time chess classics. Originally published in 1896/7, the book featured lectures given by Lasker in London in 1895. The e+ edition includes a lengthy Foreword by IM Jeremy Silman.

Emanuel Lasker is believed to be one of the strongest players who ever lived. He was World Champion for 27 years.

About the book

This edition was published in 1915 by Will H Lyons, Petersburg, Boon County, Kentucky, USA. The hardback version has 139 pages. The e+Books version has been converted to algebraic notation and you can play through all the examples and games on the live board. Positions from games, and whole games, are indexed by player (White or Black). You can navigate in the Contents by chapter or section.