Lessons in Chess Strategy (Beim)

Lessons in Chess Strategy

by Valeri Beim
ISBN: 978-1-927179-00-0

US $12.99

Valeri Beim delivers a series of lessons on important general chess topics. His helpful advice will help you to handle a whole range of typical situations with greater confidence and understanding. These include: geometry of the chessboard; symmetrical pawn-structures; space advantage; central passed pawn in the middlegame; static and dynamic features. In each chapter there are exercises for the reader, with full solutions given.


GM Valeri Beim is a grandmaster who lives in Austria. He has won numerous tournaments and plays in the Austrian and German leagues. For many years he was the head trainer at the chess school in Odessa, and he was also the trainer of the Israeli Olympiad team.

About the book

This book was previously published under the same title by Gambit Publications Ltd, ISBN 978-1-901983-93-7. The original large-format (B5) paperback has 176 pages. Reviews and a downloadable pdf sample can be found at Gambit's website, http://www.gambitbooks.com/books/lessonstrat.html. In the e+Books edition, you can play through all the material on the live board. Navigate the Contents by chapter. Games, game fragments and positions are indexed by player (White or Black) or composer. Most of the chapters include a set of exercises. The solutions are hidden, and can be revealed by tapping the Solution button.