My Chess Career

My Chess Career
by J.R. Capablanca

ISBN: 978-1-927179-59-8

US $6.99


My Chess Career is one of the all time classic chess books. Written by the 3rd World Champion Jose Raul Capablanca, it is both a history of his early career (prior to becoming World Champion) and an instructional manual that has lessons still relevant today. The book includes 35 annotated games, where Capablanca succinctly describes his approach to chess, and his understanding of the important features in critical positions.  His opponents include some of the great names of the early 20th Century, including Alekhine, Marshall, Nimzowitsch and Janowski. Capablanca also describes his path from child prodigy to the World's best player, providing a first person insight into his early achievements.   


About the book

This book is a 21st Century update of Capablanca's original work, published in 1920. The notes and moves have been converted to algebraic notation for this book, but otherwise the text is the same as written by Capabanca. In the e+Books edition, you can play through all the material on the live board. Navigate the Contents by chapter. Games are indexed by player (White or Black).