Streetfighting Chess (Burnett)

New review!

Streetfighting Chess (Andrew Burnett) has been reviewed by Shaun Press on his Blog; see

"If you are looking for an enjoyable book that is geared towards the average club player, the I would highly recommend this one. I enjoyed playing through the games, and some of his observations on how to conduct attacks were new to me."

The March of Chess Ideas (Saidy)

Now available!

The March of Chess Ideas (Anthony Saidy) has been approved for release by Apple and is available in the Bookstore (inside the app) now.

Saidy's highly personal view of the top chess players of all time has been a classic in all its incarnations. This edition has been enhanced with old photos from the Jacqueline Piatigorsky collection, as well as many modern photos.

A review of the paper edition can be found at reviews.

Add Note feature

App Update!

The app has been updated, adding features such as Highlighting and Notes. You can also Copy small pieces of text (and paste into a Note, or into another app) and look up Definitions in a dictionary.

In order to make these features work, the books themselves have had to be modified slightly, so you will need to run Restore All (in the Bookstore) once you have updated your app. That will upload all the books you have purchased.

Invisible Chess Moves (Neiman & Afek)

Buy now!

Now available in the Bookstore (inside the app).

Invisible Chess Moves (Neiman & Afek) ChessCafe Book of the Year.

Tragicomedy in the Endgame (Dvoretsky)

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Tragicomedy in the Endgame (Mark Dvoretsky) Now available in the Bookstore (inside the app). A best-seller from the famous trainer!