Chess Strategy for Club Players (Grooten)

Coming soon!

Chess Strategy for Club Players (Herman Grooten) will be available in the Bookstore (inside the app) soon. A best-seller from the publisher New in Chess!

Back to Basics: Tactics (Heisman)

Now available!

Back to Basics: Tactics by Heisman, a popular title from the publisher Russell Enterrprises, has been approved for release by Apple and is available in the Bookstore (inside the app) now.

Curaçao 1962 (Timman)

Candidates Specials!

Check out the in-app e+Bookstore for specials to celebrate the Candidates Tournament taking place in London. These include Curacao 1962 by GM Jan Timman, the story of one of the great Candidates events featuring the young Bobby Fischer plus other chess legends such as Korchnoi, Tal, Petrosian, Keres, and Geller, as well as Wonderboy Magnus Carlsen by GM Simen Agdestein. This traces the rise of the young Norwegian star to become the youngest Grandmaster ever at just over thirteen years of age. Other interesting titles will also be featured during the course of the event.

Common Sense in Chess (Lasker)

Coming soon!

Common Sense in Chess  by Lasker with a Foreword by IM Jeremy Silman will be released shortly.


Our author Andras Toth has a baby!

Pictured is IM Andras Toth with his wife Norwejan and little baby Isabella. How long before she starts moving the chess pieces?