Paul Morphy - A Collection of His Games With Detailed Notes by Géza Maróczy (Translated by Robert Sherwood)

Paul Morphy

A Collection of His Games With Detailed Notes
by Géza Maróczy
Translated by Robert Sherwood

ISBN: 978-1-927179-11-6

US $14.99

In the gallery of past chess heroes few names evoke a sense of mystery and chessboard magic like that associated with the legendary American Paul Morphy. Much has been written about Morphy over the years but until now one key contribution has remained unavailable to an English language audience. The great Hungarian player Géza Maróczy was a chess legend in his own right, and in 1909 published his German language tribute to Morphy, in which he gives a detailed account of Morphy's life and experiences on and off the chessboard, annotates numerous Morphy games from throughout his career, and summarises his congress and tournament results. Robert Sherwood has now made this available for the first time in an English translation with the addition of rare historic photographs. This e+books edition has a unique place in English language chess literature.

Robert Sherwood is a contract writer-editor and professional German-to-English translator who has been playing and reading about chess since the late 1950s. Something like low-IM strength, he has been writing or translating chess books for the past six years for Caissa Editions, a leading publisher on chess history.

About the book

This book was first published in German as Paul Morphy: Sammlung der von ihm gespielten Partien mit ausführlichen Erläuterungen, by Verlag von Veit & Co, Leipzig 1909. The original had 436 pages with frontispiece, diagrams, and photographs. It was revised in 1925. In the e+books edition, you can play through all the material on the live board. Navigate the Contents by chapter. Games are indexed by player (White or Black) and opening.