Taming Wild Chess Openings (Watson & Schiller)

Taming Wild Chess Openings

Good, Bad, and Ugly
by John Watson & Eric Schiller
ISBN: 978-1-927179-33-8

US $11.99

Taming Wild Chess Openings is an original e+ book. This entertaining and useful work addresses several of the average chessplayer’s needs. It provides solutions to scores of rarely-played openings, as well as tricky openings that present difficult problems. In addition, the authors present schemes for unbalancing the game and playing for advantage versus sound but passive openings which can be irritating to play against. The reader is also encouraged to look into some unusual openings as a way to get original and interesting play in over-the-board contests.

For both colors, openings are divided into ‘the Good,’ ‘the Bad’ and ‘the Ugly,’ representing sound, unsound, and eccentric ways of beginning the game. The authors explain the reasoning behind openings, as well as the characteristic strategies that are associated with them. Examples are drawn from practical play to illustrate the key ideas.

Eric Schiller is a US national Life Master and FIDE Master who has written over 100 chess books, including elementary books and advanced treatises. He has taught chess for over 30 years, with students achieving championships at all levels. Eric has served as a national coach, International Arbiter of Olympiads and the 2000 World Championship, and organizer of numerous important chess events.

John Watson is an International Master who has won both national and international tournaments. He written over 30 books, several of which have won prestigious awards. John is a teacher whose students who have achieved international chess titles and won numerous national and international youth championships. John writes online chess columns and lectures about chess for the Internet Chess Club.

About the book

This book is a thoroughly revised, revamped, and updated version of the Big Book of Busts published in 1995 by Hypermodern Press, ISBN 978-1-886040137. In the e+Books edition, you can play through all the material on the live board. Navigate the Contents by chapter. Main games are indexed by player and by opening. As well as the usual Contents with openings by name, there is also an Index of Openings where you can find the openings listed by move.