Winning Chess Manoeuvres (Sarhan Guliev)

Winning Chess Manoeuvres

Strategic Ideas that Masters Never Fail to Find
by Sarhan Guliev
New In Chess

ISBN: 978-1-927179-55-0

US $16.99

When a chess master finds a winning strategic idea it is seldom by accident.

An amateur staring at a position on the chess board is often fumbling in the dark, his head spinning with a multitude of general rules and vague notions. The master’s approach is concrete. He knows how and where to look, because he has studied the games of other masters.

Sicilian Attacks (Yuri Yakovich)

Sicilian Attacks

Powerful Charges & Typical Tactics
by Yuri Yakovich
New In Chess

ISBN: 978-1-927179-54-3

US $9.99

Learn how to attack in the sharpest lines of the most widely played chess opening!

Against most Sicilian variations, White's sharpest and often best weapon is queenside castling, a strategy that frequently leads to spectacular fireworks. Regrettably, these powerful charges have never been properly categorized. Until this book.

Liquidation on the Chess Board (Joel Benjamin)

Liquidation on the Chess Board

Mastering the Transition into the Pawn Endgame
by Joel Benjamin
New In Chess

ISBN: 978-1-927179-52-9

US $15.99

Pawn endings do not arise out of nowhere. Before emerging as endgames with just kings and pawns, they 'pre-existed' in positions that still contained any number of pieces. Liquidation is the purposeful transition into a pawn ending. It is a vital technique that is seldom taught. Strange, because knowing when and how to liquidate can help you win games or save draws.

Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition (Arthur van de Oudeweetering)

Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition

Key Moves and Motifs in the Middlegame
by Arthur van de Oudeweetering
New In Chess

ISBN: 978-1-927179-51-2

US $17.99

Pattern recognition is one of the most important mechanisms of chess improvement. Realizing that the position on the board has similarities with something you have seen before helps you to quickly grasp the essence of that position and find the most promising continuation.

Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition supplies a wealth of essential, yet easy-to-remember building blocks for your chess knowledge.

Chess Training for Post-Beginners (Yaroslav Srokovski)

Chess Training for Post-Beginners

A Basic Course in Positional Understanding
by Yaroslav Srokovski
New In Chess

ISBN: 978-1-927179-49-9

US $16.99

You have learned the rules of chess and developed some tactical skills. You are fascinated by the game and want to know more. So, the question is: what’s next? What is the best way to improve your play and start winning?

Yaroslav Srokovski, one of the most successful chess trainers in Europe, has developed a practical course which addresses the challenges that ambitious post-beginners face. • What is the best way to train at chess? • How do you acquire the ability to assess a position on the board? • What should you try to achieve in the various stages of the game? • Which long-term advantages should you aim for in what type of position?