The Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal (Karsten Müller & Raymund Stolze)

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The Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal (Karsten Müller & Raymund Stolze) is now available in your in-app Bookstore.

The secrets of Tal’s breathtaking tactics!

The Grand Prix Attack (Sveshnikov)

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The Grand Prix Attack 

The Grand Prix Attack is one of White’s deadliest weapons against the Sicilian Defence. It continues to be highly popular with tournament chess players all over the world. While earlier publications mainly focused on tactics, this book finally gives the f4 Sicilian the coverage it deserves.

Tune Your Chess Tactics Antenna (Neiman)

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Tune Your Chess Tactics Antenna

In this trail-blazing book, Emmanuel Neiman presents the seven main signals that help you to determine the moment you must start looking for a win. He also teaches you, with lots of instructive examples, how to interpret those signals and how to find the killer move.

Winning Chess Middlegames (Sokolov)

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Winning Chess Middlegames (Ivan Sokolov)

"Easily one of the best middlegame books of recent times" Chess Magazine

Taming Wild Chess Openings (Watson & Schiller)

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Taming Wild Chess Openings (Watson & Schiller) 

Tricky openings, rare openings, crazy openings, sneaky openings, weird openings - you will find almost all of them in here, with helpful and constructive advice from IM John Watson and FM Eric Schiller.

Check out the image gallery at Taming Wild Chess Openings - it shows some shots of the Index of Openings, which will give you a hint of the scale of this project!