Silman's Complete Endgame Course (Silman)

Silman's Complete Endgame Course

From Beginner to Master
by Jeremy Silman
ISBN: 978-1-927179-07-9

US $17.99

For more than 100 years, the world's leading players and teachers have told their students to study the endgame. Now, for the first time, a revolutionary, richly instructive endgame book has been designed for player of all levels. Silman's Complete Endgame Course, by famed writer and player Jeremy Silman, is the one and only endgame book you'll need as you move up the ladder from beginner to strong tournament player and finally to master.

The basic keys to a well rounded endgame education - Opposition, the Lucena and Philidor Positions, Cat and Mouse, Trebuchet, Fox in the Chicken Coup, Triangulation, Building a Box, Square of a Pawn, Outflanking, the Principle of Two Weaknesses - are vital. But equally important is creating a love of the endgame, which is addressed at the end of the book with a look at chess tactics, minor piece domination, and a discussion of the five greatest endgame players of all time - all things that every fan of chess at every level can enjoy.

Winner of the prestigious Chess Cafe Book of the Year Award for 2007, this App includes all 530 pages of the book, plus an additional 87 audio clips. There is material for all classes, which builds on itself as you climb the rating ladder.

IM Jeremy Silman has this to say:

I adore chess books, but my 4,000 chess books, which are quickly eating up all available space, are pushing me out of my home. And if I do decide to move, the mere thought of transporting those books leaves me hyperventilating. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I had all 4,000 of those books in my iPad or iPhone? Imagine holding your chess library in your shirt pocket - no muss, no fuss, they are always with you and ready to be enjoyed in bed, on the bus, or on a trip to the jungles of deepest, darkest Africa. But what about a chess board and pieces? In my fantasy one wouldn't need such archaic things - the App would have a board and pieces, a move could be made with a tap, and chapters could be accessed by a swipe. What about lighting? No problem, since these devices are self-illuminating you can enjoy a perfectly lit experience while your spouse happily snores away the evening in pitch darkness.

Of course, such a fantasy was an impossibility just a short time ago. Now, though, the fantasy is starting to turn into reality as more and more chess publishers strive to make their books available in this format. But are all chess book apps created equal? Not by a long shot! I searched for that "golden chess book app" for quite a while, and every company I talked to came up short. Then, out of the blue, eplusbooks found me ... and that was that. When it comes to elegance, ease of use, and serious tech, they trump the competition.

As both a fan of chess books and a writer, I am looking forward to having as many eplusbook Apps in my pocket as possible. And I'm also looking forward to some of my own books making an appearance in App form. Coming soon is SILMAN'S COMPLETE ENDGAME COURSE; that's right, all 530 oversized pages will suddenly weigh nothing, and I added 87 audio clips (to help push home various instructive points) just for the fun of it.

About the book

This book was previously published under the same title by Siles Press, ISBN 978-1-890085-10-0. The original large-format (B5) paperback has 530 pages. In the e+Books edition, you can play through all the material on the live board. Navigate the Contents by chapter and subchapter. Games, game fragments and positions are indexed by player (White or Black) or composer. Most of the chapters include a set of exercises. The solutions are hidden, and can be revealed by tapping the Solution button. To reinforce the ideas in the text, the author has added audio clips throughout the book.