Streetfighting Chess (Burnett)

Streetfighting Chess

by Andrew Burnett
ISBN: 978-1-927179-01-7

US $9.99

A practical guide to attacking chess for club strength players, Streetfighting Chess will show how an aggressive approach to all aspects of the game can and will gain points. Moreover, it is designed to install in the reader a new sense of adventure and, importantly, increased enjoyment of the game.


Andrew Burnett is a three time East of Scotland champion and winner of numerous weekend congress Opens, with a degree in journalism and a background in travel writing. His most recent success was a 1st equal finish at the Bardejov Open in Slovakia. Streetfighting Chess is his first foray into writing chess books.

About the book

This book was previously published under the same title by Trinity Knights Publishing. The original paperback has 185 pages. Navigate the Contents by chapter. Games and positions are indexed by player (White and Black). You can play through all the material on the live board, and there are also some puzzles at the end of the book, with hidden solutions. Tap on Solution to check your answer; you can move the pieces around to see if you like your idea (but only legal moves in a legal sequence).

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 “The book is well-conceived, entertaining and full of good advice on attacking chess.”    (GM Jonathan Rowson)

“You really must get Andrew’s book. It’s a real gem.”    (GM Paul Motwani)